NLP: In a Dark Place? Let the World Open Up for You Now

The mobile homes, rusty barrels, carcasses of vehicles from sixty years ago dotted the landscape. A dog barked in the distance. A snake slithered hastily to get away from a quail. I was looking over the marred desert landscape thinking about a failed agreement. I kept looking at the unkempt homesteads wondering why this person so blatantly acted in discord with our agreement. I was beating myself up on different levels. I wanted to get back to the megalopolis, back to my machine and drown in the oblivion of internet and emails. As I turned to the North, I looked at the mountains. Somehow they reminded me of why we were outside there. To relax, for a alter. However I was irritable, I could not sit still or relax. Why did that client do that? How could I let that happen, my intellect went on and on.
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