The Atrix 2 Review- Motorolas Hottest Smartphone Posted By: gadgets2527

The Atrix 2 is wider, no doubt a negative side effect of having a 4.3-inch display, but it’s just as comfortable to hold as the 4-inch original. At 4.96 x 2.59 times 0.40 inches (126 x 66 x 10 mm), it’s slightly taller as well as wider than the first version, which measured 4.64 x 2.50 x 0.43 inches (117.75 x 63.5 x 10.95 mm). Because you might have noticed, it’s also thinner simply by nearly a full millimeter, however 10mm is still beefy in comparison to many of the newest slate phones. The new version’s easy to grip, thanks to its curved sides and textured battery pack cover; it’s no Kevlar cover, obviously, and shouldn’t be treated as such, but the soft touch plastic material at least turns out to be easy on the eyes. That’s a stark (along with pleasant) departure in design and style from Atrix numero uno’s back and its from time to time blinding holographic pattern. More information: theta