What Can We Leave Our Kids? Money? How About A Legacy Of Good Health: Learn How To Lose Weight Now

We all want to leave something for our kids. Most of us don’t have an abundance of worldly possessions to pass on, but even if we do, what if the children are not in the best of health to enjoy whatever it is we give them? How about this for a legacy to leave for them: “I remember Mom…she taught me how to eat properly.” “I’m grateful to Dad for teaching me how to stay fit.” The increasing rate of obesity during the times in which we live is largely a result of a misunderstanding, or complete lack of knowledge, about how we can eat in a way that is both satisfying and healthful. We have bad eating habits folks…and worse, we are passing them along, unfiltered, to our kids. Let’s look at a few ways you can pass useful information about weight management along to the next generation: Do not place undue emphasis on your child’s weight. This puts him or her at risk of developing an eating disorder. Instead, focus on the correct way to eat for health.
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