My Youth Catches Up to Me

Recently my wife and I, along with our 17 month ancient daughter, took a much needed overnight retreat up to the mountains; we rented a yurt in one of the state parks that is a small propel from where we live. When we arrived at the campground there were barely any other campers there and snow was covering the ground from a recent storm. We checked into our yurt and noticed there was a couple staying in the cabin two lots away from us. We were very excited to finally get away and were looking forward to some silent relaxation in the mountains (as silent with a 17 month ancient will allow).
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The Zen Transmission of Mind – Part Two

Reasoning and logic are intellectual processes that require types of study to permit the student access to different forms of thinking. This has to do with words: the most mysterious form of communications known. What a term method is not usually the intent with which it is used. Very hardly any human beings know what human beings are saying since they themselves don’t know what they mean.
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Confidence and the Law Of Attraction

The underlying essence of the Code of attraction is that you attract what is the focus of your attention. “Like attracts like.” Negative thoughts reflect an expectation that terrible things naturally flow to you and what ever comes to you comes through struggle. Positive thoughts reflect an expectation that lifetime naturally brings excellent, positive experiences and there is a flow of joy and happiness.
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Finding Your Path In Life

Understanding your path in lifetime is more about finding outside who you are than being who you reckon you should be. We often go through lifetime living a blueprint of our lives. Following plans laid down ages ago, acting outside a prospect to please others or much ourselves. We choose not to let go of the ideal so that we can fulfill some grander plot we have devised, often without thought to our fair happiness.
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What Is the Paleo Diet? And Why Are People Having Such Great Results With Caveman Style Diets?

Paleo diet is the actual diet our caveman ancestors lived by. It is probably the FIRST and BEST DIET suited to our genetic constitute up. The Paleo diet is a diet based on the researched and presumed diet of cavemen times and is a diet that consisted mainly of various meats, poultry, wild plants, fruits, nuts and seeds of a wide variety.
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The Awakening Dream

The paradox to the vision is that God who is one and changeless made and sustained the teeming variety of our earth. The pilgrim, in his ultimate goal, is in the administer vision of God. Salvation and damnation depend on the state of the human soul. Hell reflects a theory of human nature, not primarily theological however rather ethical and artistic – a picture of the earth we live in.
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