Overcome Depression – This Formula Works

The dense reality is that millions of us are or were or will be depressed at some mark in our lives. The mental weight of depression is a very dense weight to carry. Depression has the habit of popping up its head when least expected and it’s never a excellent age to be depressed.
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The Worst Nightmare – The Meaning of The Crab in Dreams

The crab is the worst dream symbol you can see in a dream. It shows you that you are in a very perilous position since you cannot analyze your past traumas. In other words, unbearable situations in your past lifetime generated traumas that your conscience cannot accept. You have to stop trying to find outside what had happened at that age. You must be very strong in order to analyze this part of your lifetime since you will learn many unpleasant truths.
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Computational Inertia and Acceleration Prediction Brain Euphoria Equation – Tell Me About That!

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve noted that I like celerity, that is to affirm I like to go quick, and I like acceleration. Yes, well, what guy doesn’t fair – the “demand for celerity” and all that Top Gun jazz – of direction, every guy likes it, it must be innate you reckon. Yes, I’d assent with that assumption, however how do we get more of it, that’s the huge inquiry.
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Overcome Social Anxiety With Hypnosis

Are you overly concerned about what other human beings reckon of you? Do you always reckon that human beings are judging and ridiculing you? If so, you may suffer from Social Anxiety – and hypnosis may be the best path to overcome it.
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Lessons From The Pickle Patch

In lifetime, are you planting pickles or cucumbers? Valuable lessons can sometimes be learned from your childhood. I can remember growing up on a southern farm back in the 50’s and having many meaningful conversations with my father. This is one about The Pickle Patch.
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