Accepting Your Past – Tips for Overcoming Shame

Shame is made by invalidation which is felt when we have been diminished in some path or not respected, or when our truth has not been honoured. As children we may have been told that we were incorrect, terrible, naughty or not excellent enough. We may have been treated as insignificant, not listened to or not have had our belief or feelings taken seriously. More information: vibrational frequency

Putting Your Faith In The Power of Meditation

If you are anything like me then odds are you have heard or know of someone whose lifetime has been transformed through the practice of meditation. Maybe you have heard how the practice of meditation can aid lower your stress levels in addition to helping you become more focused, creative, and perhaps most importantly pleased. Yet, one of the largest things preventing you from familiarity all of the wonderful benefits of meditation is that you find yourself lacking the capacity to place your faith and trust in the ability of… More information: vibrational frequency

In Our Childlike Faith Go to God – I Dare You

As children we dared our friends to ride a bike down a steep hill, climb a thirty foot tree, eat worms or drink crazy concoctions – and in our childlike ways -we would do it. Yet when Jesus says for us to come to Him in childlike faith – we struggle with it. More information: getting unstuck

Your Own Heaven on Earth

This is the absolute key to happiness. The so-called heaven on earth. I reckon this is the absolute secret, and the simplest one, to be, do or have everything you desire in lifetime. More information: click here

Meditation Helps Us With Our Attachments: When You Need to Let Go

What are attachments? How can they cause us suffering and how can meditation aid with our attachments? First, what are attachments? Simply place, attachments are anything that we demand in order to be pleased. “I have to have this or I will not be pleased. Without this person or without this accomplishment, I will not be pleased. I demand it. I demand it, period.” More information: vibration

Addiction To Vicodin

Most know that Vicodin is a pain killer that is medically prescribed for those in demand after surgeries, or serious accidents. Vicodin is currently regulated by the state, and when bought outside of prescription, is completely illegal. Immediately in the United States, Vicodin has become a drug that is being abused at the same level as cocaine, marijuana, meth and heroine. Like these drugs, Vicodin has distinct perilous side effects that can not only lead to poor health conditions, however can also be lethal. More information: continue reading

A Good Workout Should Leave You Feeling Exhausted

Two thirds of Americans are obese or overweight. That method 66% of us demand to lose weight. The difficulty is that everyone is looking for the “magic bullet” that will get them in shape and will reduce them back to a normal amount without any effort on their part. Most Americans are disillusioned on what kind and intensity of exercise is needed to induce quick weight loss.
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