Preventing Internet Addiction

The internet is an amazing tool used both for business and pleasure. However, enjoying too much of internet may cause addiction and even death. How will you know that you have internet addiction? This condition is characterized by extreme use of the internet that the other areas of one’s life are affected because of the time and energy is used to surf or play.
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Can I Live a Normal Life With Herpes?

If you are asking yourself “Can I live a normal life with herpes?” then you probably feel pretty hopeless. You may even be angry that you have been afflicted with herpes, and you may even be judged by people who find out about your herpes. The truth is that you only need to have sex with one infected person to acquire herpes, and this does not make you a bad person. This does not mean that you have been sleeping around or that you are a sexually active person. It simply means that you had bad judgment one time and did not use protection. That is all it takes, is one time without protection, for you to become infected with herpes. It then becomes important for you to take precautions when you have sex in the future. The last thing you want to do is to pass herpes on to someone else.
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What Am I Saying "Yes" To?

“I now say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” I heard this on an NPR story from an actor who lamented how he’d missed an opportunity by saying “no” to something so now makes a point of saying “yes” “yes” “yes” to things that come his way.
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Ascended Masters – What Is An Ascended Master?

An Ascended Master is, in the esoteric Metaphysical term, a human who has resolved all past issues and memories. Ascension in its simplest form means to rise above, purifying your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual energy bodies, Transcendence is the attaining of ascension in its highest form, crossing over into the Etheric Plane.
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Can I Be A Vegetarian While On Medifast?

If you are not a vegetarian, then you should have some empathy for those that are. Chances are they don’t have the easiest time finding restaurants that cater to their specific diet. Let’s face it, when there are places like McDonald’s and Burger Kings on every street corner in the United States, it can be pretty frustrating for a vegetarian or vegan.
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Using Self-Hypnosis For Enhanced Motivation To Exercise

Does the prospect of exercise make it seem like e to you? Do you think of exercise and then make excuses or create reasons for not doing it? Well this article shows you how to perceive exercise differently, how to get super-motivated to do it and really start to enjoy the process of exercising. Enjoy.
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