GERD – Causes and Treatment

“There’s many a one who would be idle if hunger didn’t pinch him; however the stomach sets us to employment.” – George Eliot, pseudonym of Mary Ann (Felix Holt, ch.30) Armies of the earth believe that no soldier can march on an empty stomach.
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My Ideal Life

Many of my mentors have urged doing this exercise. I’ve done it a hardly any times immediately, and find it motivating and inspiring every age I do. The challenge is to inscribe outside what a day in your ideal lifetime would gaze like. If you don’t have a clear vision to pursue, what are the odds of ever getting there? Just like going on a vacation, you have to plot the journey. You can’t just affirm “I’m going on a holiday” get in your automobile and commence driving, unless you don’t intellect not knowing where you’ll end up.
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